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Can I view a demo?

Check back soon for our downloadable demo video. Like, really soon.


Can I order a pilot-scale food processing system?

We’re taking pre-orders for S-Series heating systems, configured to power fluid heating for multiple applications. Contact us to get a quote started.

Can you customize my heating solution to fit my space?

Yes, although our tech is already 80% smaller than conventional systems. Our power electronics cabinet can be mounted or placed wherever it makes most sense in your facility..


If I order now, when can I expect my system?

Anticipated ship date is about three months from when you place the order. But that’s a moving estimate and we’re shooting to get our lead times down to meet your needs.

Is my system covered under a warranty?

Absolutely. 12 month warranty is standard on all our products, with options to extended warranties available depending on your configuration. 

Why choose an IFS system over a traditional electric brewing system?

Electric breweries have significant issues with scorching, clean-ability, and just aren’t practical above seven barrels. Brewers we meet tell us how they like electric because it’s dependable, easy to use, and simple to install. We do all of that, without the scorching and burnt-out elements, and scale well to larger brewhouses.

Why choose an Induction system over a direct fire or steam brewing system?

Most brewers use steam or direct fire to heat their kettle. IFS gives you more delivered heat and more precise temperatures from a smaller piece of equipment than these legacy technologies. With IFS you won’t wait for your system to come to boil.

How do magnets heat fluid?

We use electromagnetic energy to heat a specially designed food-contact approved applicator that's inside a stainless steel processing tube. The magnetic energy causes electrons in the applicator  to resonate, generating heat that gets transferred to the fluid as it flows through the pipe.


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