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Groundbreaking Induction Food Technology in the News

Induction technology has made waves in the news this week thanks to its efficiency in restaurants.

Induction tech has begun replacing steam in restaurants.

Benefits of Replacing Steam Food Warmers With Induction Warmers

This week, Green Tech Media ran a story about using induction heaters to warm pans of cooked foods in cafeterias and buffets. Induction warmers are also beneficial for keeping soups warm without overcooking them. Steam heaters for buffets and soup warmers tend to be unprecise, which overcooks the food warming in the pan. As more restaurants begin replacing steam heaters with induction ones, they will see their utility bills fall significantly, as induction technology uses less kilowatts than traditional steam: 50-65% less. Since induction food equipment is energy efficient, restaurants may be eligible for rebates when purchasing them. Many of Panda Restaurant Group's 2,000 restaurants are switching to induction warmers.

Induction Heated Robot Cooks Gourmet Burgers

Also this week, NPR covered the restaurant opening of Creator in San Francesco. The restaurant makes gourmet burgers sourced with local materials for affordable prices. Chefs do not cook the burgers at Creator, however- a robot does. The beef patties are put raw into the robot and it cooks both sides at the same time using an induction heater on the bottom and top of the burger patties. The restaurant has opened to rave reviews.


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