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Heating Options for New Craft Breweries in Planning

How to find the right heating system for your BIP.

Find the right heating system to make the perfect beer.

Steam System

Steam systems are the traditional brewing option that has been used for many years. Steam systems are a nineteenth century technology that has become standard for heating in brewhouses. Steam can be a bulky system that comes with a scorching risk, but it also can be preferred by brewers who are used to brewing with steam. Depending on the area, the building will need inspectors to prove the system is not violating code. A permit from the local government can also be necessary to obtain before installation.

Gas/ Direct Fire System

Direct fire uses an open flame from gas or natural gas to heat the kettle. Gas systems can produce a caremelization that brewers like. But, it can also require ventilation and a fire suppression system to be up to code. Direct fire can reduce the risk of scorching and give brewers more control over the heating process. It is best used in smaller breweries because it is inefficient in larger operations.

Electric System

Non-induction, or traditional electric heating, uses electric stove elements about 2.5 feet long that go into the tank and use it to heat, called resistance heating.

Induction electric brewing use electromagnetic energy to heat a specially designed food-contact approved applicator that's inside a stainless steel processing tube. The magnetic energy causes electrons in the applicator to resonate, generating heat that gets transferred to the fluid as it flows through the pipe. It spreads heat over larger surface area to prevent scorching.

At Induction Food Systems, our electric heating system is an external wort boiler, calandria and in-line heater all in one. Our electric, cutting edge technology is funded by NASA and the USDA, and now backed by Techstars. It has 600% more precise control, uses 3-5 times less energy while working 24 times faster to reach target temperatures. It leaves an 80% smaller footprint versus traditional steam and direct fire systems.

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