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Gorgeous 2D artwork and that brilliantly remixed score make the package feel like it was made by an in-house Nintendo team. Toss in a fully randomized map, making each adventure feel fresh, and you begin to realize: There’s never been a better Zelda spinoff.

^ Casamassina, Matt. "Smarty Pants Review". IGN. Retrieved 18 June 2016.


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5h ago - "We hope to go beyond what is currently imaginable."

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to play—including you. Choose from over 1,000 new, classic and indie games—delivered directly to your Nintendo Switch, Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars collects three Mario games, including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, in one affordable package. With these games only on the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii respectively, this Switch version makes it much easier to enjoy them all wherever you are.

Don't know how well Loop hero plays on console, but I'd still recommend this a lot

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It’s remarkable that it took until 2021 to get a good dodgeball video game, but that’s what Knockout City is. Minus some wild jumps and dives, it’s basically virtual dodgeball. Two teams face off trying to knock out each other. It takes two hits to knock out a player with a standard ball, but Knockout City includes balls with special effects, too. The Bomb Ball, for example, will explode on impact after it’s thrown. It’s a simple premise, but once you master dodging, catching, throwing, and passing, there are endless possibilities. On Switch, Knockout City is free to download and start playing. You can raise your Street Rank up to level 25, which is basically Knockout City‘s version of a battle pass, but the full progression will soon be free as well.

Snipperclips is one of the most innovative cooperative games out there. You can play it alone, but it's way more fun with friends. Each person controls a paper character (Snip and Clip), and you must work together to cut each other into the right shapes to solve a wide variety of physics-based puzzles. It's the kind of game that will test your patience—and your relationships. The Plus version adds extra levels and four-player modes.

Although the company had released the Color TV Game and the Game & Watch, which were their first and second systems respectively, they did not achieve worldwide success until the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983. The NES restarted the video game industry after the video game crash of 1983, and was an international success. In 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy, which became the first handheld console to sell in large numbers. In the early 1990s, Nintendo's market lead began to decrease; although the 1990 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was a strong seller, the Mega Drive/Genesis was a very strong contender. Nintendo and Sega would both lose a significant portion of the console market towards the end of the 1990s, as Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation became the most popular console, beating the Nintendo 64, though Nintendo managed to sell more than Sega Saturn.

@aVagabond IMO Xbox releasing an all digital Xbox one with only 1T onboard memory was a huge downgrade to their other offerings.

The benefit of having a Nintendo Gift card in your e-pocket is that you don't need to carry around a wallet full of debit cards. Since Nintendo Gift cards don't expire, you can use them whenever you want. Furthermore, Nintendo Gift Cards can be used to top up your Nintendo eWallet which will allow you to make in-game purchases. Also, Nintendo players who love spending V-bucks on different Fortnite skins and mystery boxes can use Nintendo Gift Cards to add credit to their eWallet and purchase more V-bucks.

"Unfortunately, Ultra Street Fighter II represents Capcom at its most lazy and exploitative"

Anyone can learn to make games, with fun and interactive lessons, in Game Builder Garage.

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Taking a cue from many of Nintendo’s Switch editions of their long-running franchises, Animal Crossing New Horizons does little to completely reinvent the franchise, but it makes a great series even more accessible, more exciting, and more wonderful than it has ever been.

Due to the massive popularity of the Switch console, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that there are tons of great Nintendo Switch cheap games on the market, our store included. But when it comes to the best Nintendo Switch games, there are only a select few that wormed their way into the hearts of game who prefer this console system. Most notably, these are:

Following on from Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is putting players in charge of running their own college. Create awesome grounds, excellent classrooms, and engage in mad lectures like Knight School, and follow your students as they progress through the school year. It's more personal and more creative than the hospital edition, and yet still with the same brilliant personality and humor.

“Groups” feature was added to the All Software menu.

Card balances cannot be redeemed for cash or for third-party stored value, and are non-refundable unless required by law.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC: Windows

^ "A Football Game Like No Other". IGN. Retrieved 18 June 2016.

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The card balance may only be used on a single Nintendo eShop account.

After Avengers: Endgame, the future is unclear for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the meantime, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lets you slam all of your favorite superheroes together in a video game. This action-RPG game tasks you with battling endless goons in iconic Marvel locations, while using an ever-changing hero roster. The recent DLC season pass unlocks the Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights, and X-Men.

A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX.

Not A Good Match For: People who hate shoot-’em-ups and tough boss battles (Undertale’s combat system has elements of both), those who aren’t fond of reading dialogue, haters of lo-fi pixel art.

The game features an arsenal of weapons to match a variety of play styles, as well as metagame and run-based customizability. Every character is lovable in their own way, from the three headed Cerberus to the cosmic entity that is Chaos, and you’ll be making just one more run to see them again and again in this hit indie title.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the definitive Smash Bros. experience. From tournament-style 1v1 fights on Final Destination to 16 player fights with items turned up on a custom stage, Ultimate makes room for all the fun we’ve had with the series over the years. Every fighter and stage is back, with many notable additions (and still more releasing through DLC).

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Sow seeds of a new life in Rigbarth as you embark on a grand Rune Factory adventure! FIND OUT MORE

The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass is not "on sale," but it's hard to deny that $25 is a great price to pay for what adds up to a whole new Mario Kart game's worth of courses.

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You get to earn these redeemable points by watching videos, answering survey questions, and subscribing to special offers. As soon as you have accumulated enough reward points, you can use them to claim redemption options like PayPal funds or Nintendo eShop gift cards among others.

^ Pereira, Chris (June 2, 2014). "Mario Kart 8 Sells 1.2 Million, Becoming Wii U's Fastest-Selling Game". GameSpot. Retrieved August 20, 2017.

A masterclass in 3D platforming, Super Mario Odyssey seamlessly blends the best elements from nearly every Mario game with an entire portfolio of new gameplay mechanics to create something both nostalgic and courageous. New players will adore stomping through the vivid and vast new worlds, while seasoned veterans will stick around after the credits to unlock the hundreds of challenges that await their skill and dexterity. To put it succinctly, Super Mario Odyssey is pure, sublime joy and one of the best Super Mario games ever made.

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Keep your eyes on this one when it launches for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch and will launch on April 5.

Want to read more? See our full Splatoon 2 review and buy now from Amazon.

You can also fire up a web browser on Steam Deck to access cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Google Stadia, though there are still some kinks being worked out on that front. And while you’ll need a $20 per year Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play multiplayer Switch games online, Steam games can be played over the internet for free.

We're also rounding up all the best Nintendo Switch carry cases for those after another cheap gift idea. Or, take a look at the latest Nintendo Switch SD card deals for more savings. If you're in the UK, we're also getting you prepped for this year's Boxing Day sales as well.

This game brings you the cutesy style of a real carnival right into your living room! All the games you love at the county fair brought to your Nintendo Switch. Play the classics of hoops, target shooting, and ski ball, plus explore some new additions like cosmic bowling, with more than 20 games to choose from.

Drawing inspiration from Wii Sports, the Switch edition takes advantage of the Joy-Cons’ intuitive motion controls to deliver an active gaming experience. The Switch Sports brings three sports from the previous instalments – tennis, bowling, and kendo – and adds football, badminton and volleyball to the mix.

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5/17/2018: We’ve added Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and removed Golf Story.

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Digital Card balances can be shared across Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but may only be used on a single Nintendo eShop account.

Club Nintendo Australia was available for both Australians and New Zealanders, as Nintendo Australia manages Nintendo's operations in New Zealand as well.[23]

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

What is it? A beautifully blocky, open-world, creative sandbox for you to build, destroy, and mine anything you want.

Subscribers will get access to free content, discounts, in-game items or the ability to play a Switch game for free during a set period.

Dauntless is very similar to Monster Hunter. In it, you play as a Slayer, a group of surviving humans after creatures known as Behemoths were released on Earth. Either alone or with a group of friends, you set out over the desolate landscape to hunt Behemoths, gathering materials to craft weapons and armor along the way. It’s not just another free-to-play game copying the formula of an established franchise, however. Dauntless was developed by a group of designers from Riot Games, BioWare, Blizzard, and Capcom, and that talent shows in the final product. Although Dauntless is totally free, it feels like a full AAA experience, which is all the more impressive on Switch.

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And at the heart of it all, that brilliant sense of weight and momentum and pace that makes Mario the platformer than nobody else can touch. So Odyssey is a game of moments, in other words - and what could be more like Mario than that?

Before Link went 3D on the Nintendo 64, he marched throughout Hyrule with a camera pointing down at him from above. A Link to the Past returned to that original perspective after the side-scrolling detour of Zelda II, while also introducing concepts that have recurred in almost every Zelda since, from parallel timelines / dimensions to the Master Sword itself. Many consider this Link’s greatest adventure, and it holds up better today than most of the 3D Zelda games.

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Some critics say that Hollow Knight is one of the greatest Metroidvania games ever made, thanks to its challenging but rewarding gameplay. You play as a beetle armed with a nail, exploring the sprawling underground world called the “Hallownest.”

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