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Here at Detroit Honey Co, we’re passionate about helping you understand why honey is such marvelous natural produce, and why you should get digging into some yourself any time of the day. Honey is a versatile, natural product that people have enjoyed for more than 8,000 years. Of course, we all know it for its sweet flavor — a drizzle of deliciousness over your dessert or morning toast — but its unique health benefits are what make it really shine.

There is no limit to the advantages of raw honey in terms of health and you can buy online through raw honey suppliers. Adding it to our regular diet is one of the most acceptable ways to improve our immune system naturally. Ask your doctor if you are taking any drugs or other medical conditions before using this syrup. Honey and beekeeping

will be covered in more detail shortly. Make sure you read the label before you purchase it. More trustworthy terms like raw, natural, and organic are more accurate. When heated, raw honey caramelizes fast because of its viscosity. Once there, it never moves or breaks apart into individual pieces.

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