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How to Write a Medical Dissertation?

Students often ask how to formulate a goal, choose a subject, an object, write a text, and how to start and end a scientific article. A scientific article, project, term paper, diploma or dissertation, all scientific papers somehow fit into this step-by-step guide. How to prepare, write, arrange, but these rules apply to other works. So, the whole process consists of several steps which will be provided in this article.

Writing text

When writing, it is important to follow the scientific style and build evidence, the main features of the scientific style are logic, objectivity and accuracy. The emphasized logic is realized in semantic connection at the level of statement, sentence, paragraph, paragraph. The presentation in the text is built on the principle of a pyramid, first the problem is indicated, then its aspects, details, and finally the solution or outcome. The dialogical form of presentation works in favor of the logic of reasoning. The text should be structured as if the author is talking to the reader, asking possible questions and giving answers to them.

Objectivity implies the absence of emotional statements and personal assessments, and this does not mean that the text should not contain any assessment of the author's attitude to the problem under study, agreement and disagreement with existing points of view. This is a mandatory attribute of a scientific text, but it should be expressed in an abstract, generalized form. What is important is not the categorical nature of the text, the author proves his point of view and his opinion may differ from other researchers.

The absence of categoricalness is manifested in the balance of all given assessments in citing the opinions of other authors, in the effectiveness of the theory of the results of the study. The accuracy of the article is possible due to the absence of ambiguity; for this, a few simple rules are the use of commonly used words, clear and not ambiguous terms, a minimum of foreign language ones, especially if there is an English-language equivalent.

Reliability of the given data, explanation of the meaning of new terms or how the author understands this or that term, what point of view he adheres to. The key to the success of the text is a properly built argumentation, for this you need the right choice of the thesis, the assertion of which must be proved, and the thesis must be unambiguous.

And readers should understand it the same way. Additional is the choice of documents, facts proving the thesis. The argument must be true and should not contradict other arguments, and they should be enough for the author to be believed, it is also necessary to cite several authoritative opinions, figures, facts, a visual representation enhances the argument. As well as comparison, tables, diagrams, drawings and so on.

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