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Apex Legends has appeared from nowhere to dominate the games industry. In just one short week it’s exploded to encompass over 25 million players. Imagine that, 25 million people, that’s more than you can visualise. Even if you have a big brain.

Hop-ups, Epic and above attachments, basically transform weapons in Apex Legends.


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Heir to the Silva Pharmaceuticals fortune, Octavio Silva has no ambition for boardroom bureaucracy. Instead he passes the time performing death defying stunts and sharing them with his fans. His next stunt? Apex Legends glory.

Not only that, if you want free Apex coins, you can take part in various Apex tournaments. Here you can get a lot of Apex money. So as you can see there is a lot of ways to get free Apex money. You can choose the method which is best for you.

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The RE-45 Auto is made for Apex players who cannot be bothered with semi-automatic weapons. Sporting a full auto shooting mechanism, this gun fires a total of 22 bullets in mere seconds. While that is amazing for quick shooting, the downsides are low damage and a recoil pattern that can be difficult to control by beginners. If you’re still convinced that RE-45 is the gun for you, equip the Quickdraw Holster hop-up and get shooting.

How to Get Apex Coins for Free in Apex Legends

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That wraps up our Apex Legends tips and tricks for Season 11. Hopefully you've gained a better footing if you're just starting on your journey through this frenetic and endlessly enjoyable battle royale. If you've any particular tips and tricks yourself, be sure to sound them in the comments below!

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 12, Respawn’s incredible battle royale FPS continues to be a trendsetter within the industry. For nearly 3 years players have battled each other using a variety of weird and wonderful characters – with the most recent one being Season 12’s Mad Maggie.

You should also start memorizing the map after a few games so you know what to expect at what points of the map. If you have great map knowledge your game awareness and ability to outplay your opponents greatly increases, so we recommend that you should start familiarizing yourself with the map as soon as you can.

Leaked Legend that’s likely coming to the game sometime soon.

Regardless of any royal battle, there are two basic rules: a damaging circle doesn't let it sit in one area and inexorably compels players against each other, and at the close of the round there should be only one (or one team, if we are speaking about a style for squads). Apex Legends does not infringe on those unshakable foundations of this genre, but instead boldly experiments with other people.

The fourth wave of Weapon Recolor Store is now available in Apex Legends, and similar to the first three, every Recolor costs 15,000 Legend Token or 1,800 Apex Coins. Players will need to have the specific legendary skin for each weapon for buying them from the Weapon Recolor Store.

In a nutshell, these websites provide a platform for you to complete surveys, download and play games, view movies, and complete little offers in order to earn a balance that can be spent on Apex coins. As a result, if you have some extra time, you may be doing these kind of offers to receive some free Apex coins.

"Apex is anything but your typical battle royale game, boasting an array of stunning locations and maps, as well as a unique cast of characters - known as Legends - each with their own flair and skillset.

There are some Ultimates in Apex Legends that are simply designed to work together.

Originally a scientist, Alexander “Caustic” Nox has an expertise in pesticide gases. Though his testing, he realized the potential of these gases in weaponized form. Now, he’s part of the Apex Games and the other combatants are his test subjects.

Not only that, but they will ask you to download apps or other software that contains malware and will harm your device. They even have a proclivity to steal personal information from your device. As a result, avoid such websites. Always choose a legitimate source that will assist you rather than causing you problems.

One of the Apex Legends maps currently in rotation has been disabled because of an issue affecting Kings Canyon, Respawn Entertainment announced this week. The issue in question appeared to be causing crashes on the original Apex Legends map and seemed to be reproducible enough to warrant taking the map out until the problems are fixed. The map was removed on March 14th, and Respawn hasn't yet given an idea of when the issue will be resolved or when the map would be brought back.

To maximise your chances of consistent victories in battle, you should have at least one automatic weapon. You'll also ideally want to cover all distances with your two guns. Check out our best loadouts page for ideas.

The Selectfire Receiver turns the Havoc into a faux-sniper and makes the Prowler not quite as terrible, allowing you switch the gun to automatic fire.

In Apex, you may purchase the pass and earn extra points simply by playing the game, and you can do this every time the pass is available. This will offer you virtually endless Apex Coins if you put in the effort, but you will need to invest in a lot of time in the game, which we know will be worth it!

*There's no timer on your screen, but it should be 90 seconds for the first knock, 60 seconds for the next and a continual drop from there.

You may not have noticed it, but there is a very important visual indicator when you shoot an opponent, this indicator tells you what type of armor your target is wearing! Each character has a base of 100 life points that can be reinforced with three levels of armor to reach 200 life points. When you shoot a player a color appears, grey, blue, purple, red or yellow….

This ability allows Bangalore to hurl a smoke grenade that explodes on impact at her enemies. Whether you’re escaping from a group of foes that have got the drop on you, or you’re looking to turn the tables, Bangalore’s smoke launcher will come in handy.

The Omega Point

Legend tokens and crafting metals can be earned by playing the game. Usually, Apex coins have to be purchased using real-world money but we are going to give you legitimate methods that you can use to get free Apex coins.

The community has appreciated Respawn Entertainment cooperating and integrating their ideas into the game. Squad Skins, Legendary Skins available as rewards during this event, were created by the players of the game, due to which the community is looking forward to further collaboration. Squad Skins are skins inspired by Crypto’s “Hypebeast,” Caustic’s “Blackheart,” and Loba’s “Purple Reign” Legendary Skins, which add another worthy reason for players to complete the listed challenges to earn these event-specific rewards.

Here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends Unshackled event, including the potential start date and leaked cosmetics.

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Hot zones are places marked with a blue circle on the map — and a blue light emanating from the spot on the ground — where players have a greater chance of finding high-tier loot.

Before we get into this guide, be sure to be careful and keep your eyes open for any scams you may come across. Scams are quite frequent in the gaming space, and with Apex Legends not having an open-platform trading system, you may want to be careful of giving account information or payment details to any other site other than Apex Legends (Origin/EA). Keep this in mind!

We’ll be adding to our Apex Legends guide frequently over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back.

Bloodhound has the capability to see through smoke, gas and even through Mirage's cloaking and decoys, so using Bangalore's smoke grenade coupled with his hunter move makes for very exciting and deadly gameplay.

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Wattson is a defensive character who plays similarly to Caustic, in that her focus is on perimeter defense.

There aren't many methods to receive the free Apex Legend Coins we promised because we only have a few possibilities. If you're ready to put in the effort and truly want some Apex Coins, broadcasting on Twitch or YouTube will help you acquire free Apex Legend Coins.

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Even though the addition of classes and class-specific abilities helps separate Apex Legends from some of its competition, make no mistake: It’s still a battle royale game, and most of the genre’s rules still apply.

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Ever-expanding Universe — Apex Legends takes place in an immersive universe where the story continues to evolve, maps change each season, and new Legends keep joining the fight. Make your mark on the Apex Games with a multitude of distinctive outfits, and join the adventure!

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The best teams in Apex Legends can quickly analyse their situation and figure out whether to fight or reposition in a moment's notice. With these practical tips, you too can learn this vital skill.

What is the most valuable heirloom in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends: Everything Added In The Warriors Collection Event

You can buy Packs by purchasing Apex Coins:

Lastly, while it's true that Mad Maggie is typically best in aggressive scenarios, don't sleep on her ability to work well with defensive legends in select situations. A good example would be a standoff between you and an opposing team wherein you're all whittling away at one from behind cover. If you have a Rampart on your team, you can have her set up a base of fire with her amped walls and then quickly use your Riot Drill to flush the other team out, granting you an opportunity to deal huge damage from behind the comfort of protection. That is, of course, unless they have a Mad Maggie of their own who uses her Riot Drill to get you out from behind Rampart's walls. It goes both ways, you know.

Participating in upcoming tournaments is another great way to earn apex coins through the game. Every player enjoys playing tournaments, and it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Apex Legends game. You can earn a lot of money as well as various incentives here.

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Look, the Mozambique shotgun is not the best. In all honestly, it’s horrendous and should be avoided like the plague. After moving into ‘meme’ territory, many players will still ping the weapon just to hear their character state: “Mozambique here”, so feel free to get in on the fun.

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On the defensive side of things, Gibraltar’s and Lifeline’s Ultimates provide almost total cover if you’re going for the revive, and offensively speaking, a combination of Caustic/Bangalore and Bloodhound will allow your team some visibility through fogs, though be wary of Caustic’s as it can also somewhat daze your teammates at the same time.

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These Apex Packs have an aspect of “drop protection,” which is something that should be pointed out. The drop rate of Legendary items is guaranteed to be at least one for every 30 packs opened, and you will never obtain any duplicate cosmetics.

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