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IFS is a technology startup company.

We proudly got our start from  NASA and USDA funding to explore ways to make food processing smaller and more efficient. What we found is a way to improve industrial heating to make better quality and better efficiency the new normal in manufacturing. IFS is based in the US with offices near Chicago and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. 

Our Team 

Francesco Aimone, CEO

The company builder

Healthcare ops & mgmt

Columbia University

George Sadler, PhD, CTO

The technical genius

Food scientist and chemist

Purdue University

Our Story

Francesco knew George as Mr. Sadler from growing up with his son. 10 years later they reconnected  when Francesco was again living in Chicago and needed technical help for a CPG brand- specifically someone with food safety and small scale production experience and George had both. The pair began working  on food & beverage projects together in 2014 and have been at it ever since. 

George first thought of the idea behind IFS while working as an academic assessing new food processing tech. He didn’t like any new heating options in the pipeline, but luckily, he had a better idea. George left academia and struck out on his own to establish the core science behind our method of heating, boosted by NASA and USDA grants.

We started IFS to put new technology in the hands of food and beverage manufacturers to improve an industry that impacts the lives of almost everyone in the world through what they eat and drink.


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