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The S-Series heating system displace boilers, heat exchangers, on-site emissions, and the complexities & costs of conventional steam heating with smart, sustainable solutions for expanding manufacturing operations and retrofits to improve yields on existing lines. 

 This system is the first scalable, precise, and efficient in-line heating solution for a wide range of fluid foods. S-Series  applications include fluids with high sensitivity, high brix,  or rigorous time to temperature requirements. 

Our platform leverages in-line mixing & blending to maximize both heating surface area and fluid turbulence. This approach allows us to heat more effectively than conventional heat exchangers, avoid fouling, and increase plant uptime by bringing product flows to target temperature 85% faster than conventional tubular heat exchangers from a cold start. 

Configurations include:

- In-line fluid heaters fluid (thermaliziers) for hot-fill applications and maintaining fluid viscosity

- Processing unts, including HTST, UHT, and aseptic [available for thin fluids]

- Calandrias for powering evaporative processes

Contact us today to see how our state of the art induction technology can help your business. 

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