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IFS, a Techstars backed company, helps food and beverage manufacturers improve efficiency and expand production with on-demand precision heating equipment. We harnessed electromagnetic energy to create the first scalable, precise, and efficient in-line heating  solution for a wide range of fluids, including high viscosity and particulate foods. Our in-line heating platform displaces boilers, combustion emissions, and the complexities & costs of conventional steam heating with smart, sustainable solutions.

Scaleable electric heating solves industrial-scale problems

Conventional steam-powered heating is inefficient, difficult to manage, and imprecise. Plus, it limits a plant's ability to expand production and is expensive to install, maintain, and operate. 

Generating heat right in-line with a production process lets manufacturers focus on making quality food & beverage products instead of spending time and resources maintaining a central steam utility. We give manufacturers all the benefits of an 'instant water heater' for any kind of fluid heating on an industrial scale, especially  high viscosity and particulate fluid foods.

How it works

IFS uses a coil & core design in its heating systems. Solid-state electronics convert power into usable electromagnetic energy. An external coil focuses that energy, generating heat in an induction element embedded inside process tubing. Heating flowing fluids from the middle-out heats faster, more efficiently, and more precisely than conventional methods. 


IFS' heating tech gives manufacturers a better option for their essential processes, 

from critical food safety controls to water heating.  

Our in-line heating systems improve: 

CIP/COP,  Evaporation, Pasteurization & Sterilization, and Process Temperature Regulation.


Brewing & Cidering, Distilling, High Acid Sauces, Juice & Beverage, High-sensitivity Liquid Foods

Where it's used

A Cidery

A Cidery needs to warm a few hundred gallons of refrigerated pear juice before they can start in their fermentation process. An IFS in-line system is plug & play and avoids a costly facility upgrade.

A Nut Butter Brand

A nut butter brand wants to use a thermal treatment on their product to avoid e. coli or listeria contamination and a costly recall, but not sacrifice product quality. IFS tech brings their high-viscosity product up to its critical  control temperature in seconds, maximizing the flavor and texture that made the brand successful.

A Craft Brewery

A Craft Brewery wants to expand production in an existing facility but their boiler is underpowered. An IFS calandria + kettle combo doubles the brewers' production capacity and shaves 30 mins off every batch,  avoiding staff burnout and overtime expenses, all without downtime during the install.

Why Choose Induction

  • Customized Solutions We match the right sized system for your startup or expansion needs

  • Smaller System Our system takes up less room than a traditional boilerhouse

  • No Down Time For Installation Our system quickly fits in to your daily routine

  • Cutting Edge Technology IFS is the first magnetic heating system of its kind, thanks to funding from NASA and the USDA

  • Sustainability Our system is energy efficient, reducing your business’ carbon footprint -- we have zero on-site emissions

  • Heating on Demand IFS systems provide heat on demand instead of running around the clock. Simply use it when you need it, making ops a breeze and easier to maintain and manage

Proudly made in the USA, based in North Carolina.



Expanding production with boiler heating is more expensive than it seems. A plug & play electric alternative avoids a boiler upsize, boiler room expansion, new feedwater system, installation downtime, and permitting. 



California is a great place for food & ag. IFS tech reduces a plant's carbon footprint and criteria pollutants. In some cases IFS tech can get plants under the emissions cap or exempt them from carbon reporting all together.



You want to keep the quality that launched your product and need to scale production efficiently to meet demand. We've been there, too. Email us if you want to talk about heating solutions for your expansion or new build.



We proudly got our start from  NASA and USDA funding to explore ways to make food processing smaller and more efficient. What we found is a way to improve industrial heating to make better quality and better efficiency the new normal in manufacturing. IFS is based in the US with offices near Chicago and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. 

Our Team 

Francesco Aimone, CEO

The company builder

Food entrepreneur, healthcare bground

Columbia University

George Sadler, PhD, CSO

The technical genius

Food scientist and chemist

Purdue University


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